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Nerdle is a new word game that is taking the Internet by storm! Players take turns creating equations using the numbers and calculations of the previous equation, and the first person to get stuck loses.


It's a fast-paced and fun game, perfect for killing time and also a great way to improve your math skills. Nerdle is a great combination of Wordle and math. Guessing the math equation will be the main aim of this game.


Guess the first equation to find the hint. You will have to start from the numbers 0-9 and the calculations +,-,*,/,= to create the key equation quickly and accurately. Like wordle you will get 6 guesses. Equations that do not work correctly do not count as a guess. Every day you will have a hidden equation that needs to be found. There are many difficulty levels, so you can challenge yourself while improving your math skills. Countless fascinating equations are waiting for you